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Sep 05

Special: Similar & Different - Olly Murs, Will Young

They both return, they have something in common and they have something different from.

Similarity: I think I had once mistaken an Olly Murs song as a new Will Young song or was it the other way round? I mean the vocals, I think many agree, they’re quite similar, at least on the surface. And they are both from tv singing competitions, one winner (Pop Idol), and one runner-up (X-factor). Difference: While they both sing pop music, their styles are different. Olly Murs music often reminds me of summer while Will Young music sometimes reminds me of autumn. This time, Olly continues and intensifies his cheeky reggae pop with some hip hop elements, while Will is taking his adult soul pop to a light dance direction:

Olly Murs feat. Rizzle Kicks - Heart Skips A Beat

I don’t know but Olly Murs music is playing magic on me, I think I have played his debut album an incredible amount of times. And this new single once again gained my attention immediately. It’s so catchy and yes, official forth summer tune this year. He gained one last year, scored another this year, will he continue next year?

genre: pop, reggae-fusion, hip hop, soul
rating: 4/5 stars

Will Young - Jealously, The Way I See

He’s on fire and jealous, these could be good signs ‘cos these two new songs are superb. I was very impressed with “History”, his collaboration with Groove Armanda. And I’ve always like to hear him in dance beats. And he’s finally doing it, I couldn’t be more excited. However, the dance direction taken on “Jealously” is light and is not instantly catchy, but a grower, give it some time and you can really start to get into the mood and groove. The dance feel on bonus track “The Way I See” is much more heavier and could be probably considered a dance-floor banger. I really like the arrangements here, it’s wonderful and delightful. 

genre: dance-pop
rating: J: 4/5 stars; TWIS: 4/5 stars


May 31

Iyaz - Solo

Iyaz - Solo

The air is clean and fresh, this is breezy and perfect for summer, period. Oh my goodness, I’m loving Iyaz music! I feel like I’m going to a paradise-like island and not on a vacation but settling down there… lol. Really background like where you come from do play a part in the music you made, don’t let that fade away!

genre: r&b, reggae fusion
rating: 4/5 stars