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Feb 05

Revisited: M.I.A. - Jimmy

Revisited: M.I.A. - Jimmy (2007)

Ok, let the celebration and exotic continues. Maybe people like her provocative side, to be honest, I like her fun, relaxed side which is fully reflected in this song. It’s such a strong, catchy, fun, exotic disco number I think many people will be immediately attracted to and move/ dance along. 

genre: disco, electropop, electronica
rating: 4/5 stars

Sep 16

Jamiroquai - White Knuckle Ride

Jamiroquai - White Knuckle Ride

This tune is irresistible! Jamiroquai is just cool ain’t they! I think after so many years they haven’t really changed their sound too much, but this song is just as enjoyable as those years back. Again, there’s something magical about it, lol, and, when he sings out “pressure”, in that tone, my heart is suddenly lightened up, and all I get is pleasure! :D It is magical, isn’t it? great work~!! :))

genre: disco, house, funk
rating: 4/5 stars


Apr 27

Scissor Sisters - Invisible Light

Scissor Sisters - Invisible Light

This is a preview song from their new album… Oh my goodness, THEY ARE BACKKK!!!!!! I’m such a big fan of “laura”, “comfortably numb”, “take your mama”, “filthy gorgeous”, “I don’t feel like dancin’”, “she’s my man”… lots!!!!! Now, this has instantly become my new big favourite from them. I’m so hooked, wonderful retro beat with killer hook, what more do we ask for? It’s like those good ole disco years are back and more fabulous than ever. Let’s be fabulous… even only for tonight? ;) They are classy, they take who they are and toss it right in your face in a really really wonderful way, that’s what I called ‘art’, period. ;)) 

genre: electronica, dance, disco, alternative
rating: 4.5/5 stars

(opps, I feel so inappropriate to post this… :O) )