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Jul 09

Björk - Crystalline

Björk - Crystalline

Oh yeah, she’s back! This gets me inspired and wanna get in touch with her mind. This is pretty and I’m a little too ecstatic over that ending, it’s actually very marvelous…!! :D

genre: electronica, minimalistic, experimental, breakcore
rating: 4/5 stars 

Jun 18

James Blake - Lindisfarne/ Unluck

James Blake - Lindisfarne*/ Unluck

Oh yeah, double A side, the one problem I have with his record is that it’s a little bit too repetitive for me, sometimes. I mean I don’t mind all the challenges he set up for his listeners, it’s just when you go to the center, you’re greeted with all these small, pretty but repetitive vocals. For times, I think I don’t mind to be brainwashed by them since they are pretty sweet and em, pretty, but other times, I still have doubts. But generally this is still an challenging but enjoyable album. Lindisfarne on the album is an two parts affair, this single is a combined edit of the two. It’s mild, it’s warm, but maybe a little bit nothingness-like for me, pardon for my cheesiness. Unluck on the other hand is an instant like though, yeah catchy enough for me, lol. I think “dubstep” is a little bit debatable, let’s just say it’s minimalist electronica to a new height.

* I have to warn you about the video for Lindisfarne, if you’re ok for some unpleasant, even disgusting visuals, then proceed…

genre: electronica, minimal, alternative, experimental, soul, dubstep
rating: Lindisfarne: 3.5/5 stars Unluck: 4/5 stars

Oct 01

Lia Ices - Grown Unknown

Lia Ices - Grown Unknown

A little bit cool, a little bit cold, but it’s also lively and lovely, and it turns out to be very beautiful at the end, I think it’s very suitable for autumn season. I don’t really like it at first, but after a few more listens, I’ve grown to love it, and not just like. : ) Ah yes, she does resemble Tori Amos a little bit.

genre: folk, indie, alternative, experimental
rating: 4/5 stars